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Featured on MSNBC, Kotaku, Discover and Lopez Tonight! Debut in the title role in the film "Johnny Angel", which was produced by his former mistress, journalist Grace Geiss. Due to his falling out with Sandra Bullock in 2004 (they broke up), Backstreet left the film industry. He made his debut by starring with his friend Asif Kapadia in the horror film The Haunting of Hill House, produced by the father and son Winchesters (the Winchesters, the oldest members of the family, got married in 1987). This was his last film. However, in 2006, he nevertheless appeared in the sequel to The Adventures of Johnny Kidd. Backstreet was offered roles in the following horror films: Hilda's House, Spider Shadow, Secret Garden, Get Out, Ghostbusters, The Deep, The Lobster. He was hired by Lauren Moss for a role in Peter Jackson's The Exiles. On the set of Spider-Man 2, Backstrom met actress Jessica Alba, with whom they got married in May 2007. The couple have a son, Adam. Backstrom made frequent appearances on Saturday Night Live in 2007. On December 4, 2014, he appeared in the program "Evening Urgant" in the role of Santiago Blaisdell, and since then has been participating in all issues. In 2009, he starred in the movie Panic Room directed by Ron Howard. f02ee7bd2b